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46 reviews for Dr. Brown’s Arthritis Joint & Remedy Oil

  1. Brandy

    It relives my arthritis pain and helps with swelling. Smells great and helps with headache, tired feet and muscular pain. Love this.

  2. Pauline S

    Its the best oil that has ever been made. It works on impact as it is applied to skin. Relieves any pain. Arthritis is no more.

  3. Sharon G

    This is the best pain oil I’ve ever used. Nothing compares to this oil. Whenever I’m having pain I use it and the pain goes away almost immediately.
    I even used it in my dog’s ears because he’s been shaking his head constantly. Took him to the vet several times but treatment was short lived. Since I started using the oil to rub his ears I have noticed significant improvement. I am so happy with this pain oil. Keep up the good work!

  4. Ian G

    I must say the arthritis joint and remedy oil is by far the best pain oil ever. It worked on my back pain like magic! After my wife used this oil and massaged my back, I immediately fell asleep. To my amazement, after waking up my back pain had vanished. Try it and you’ll experience this electrifying results. Excellent customer service
    100% recommended!!

  5. Mary

    Unbelievable! This morning I woke up with muscular back pain. I had a shower and I fell so sore all over. I decided to rub the oil all over my back. Amazing, within 5 mins. I am feeling so revived. Pain is gone. I still cannot believe the many uses of this oil.

  6. Charmaine -Missouri

    Thus takes care of so many needs. It calms my mother who has Alzheimer’s and she sleeps so much better and she is less aggressive . I can’t do without it.

  7. Ann Marie P

    My mom got this for her arthritis, sciatic, pain and cramping in her leg. The best she has ever felt since using Dr. Brown’s Arthritis Joint & Remedy oil. So I decided to try it for my Tennis Elbow pain, and calification in my elbow and it’s a remarkable product, within a minute it relieves the pain. Great product. Highly recommend this product.

  8. Elisa Barranco

    Miraculous! Just one use pain and stiffness 90% improved.

  9. Paulette S

    This product is Absolutely fantastic!
    I was having joint pain in my leg and tried the oil this morning, for the first time in a week I was able to bend my knees without crying out in pain!
    The Oil truly works!
    I will definitely be using this product and highly recommending this Arthritis Joint Remedy Oil to my family and friends who are also dealing with joint pains.

  10. Ariel-Alaska

    I cannot say enough about this product. It takes away my sciatica and arthritis pain. I no longer us my cane. Thanks Dr. Brown.

  11. Patrick

    Love it. It has so many purposes.

  12. Mark -South Carolina

    Today my friend and I were at Carolina Place Mall and was so impressed with the Customer Service shown to customers by ToniAnn. This is a company that shows empathy and listens to customers. You are just not rushed to make a purchase.

    My friend Mark was in lots of pain due to Sciatica and was barley moving. He saw the “Pain Oil” flyer displayed and stopped. Nothing really helps mark with his pain, he has to take some heavy doses of meds and then go to sleep. He was given some of the oil to apply on his knees, shoulders, and lower back and he was told he should walk around a few minutes. UNBELIEVABLE! how quickly this pain oil worked. POWER TO THESE FLIPPING PRODUCTS. #Blackowned

  13. Marcus B-Texas

    We tried it on my mom she has arthritis and a bad back with sciatic nerve problems and it knocked out her pain your product really works.

  14. Carla

    Took my pain right away! I use it alot before I workout for my knees, Amazing

  15. Andrea

    This oil is so good and it works wonders. It is the modern day miracle. It takes away pain-any pain on using. It works #1 for nauseas and bloatness.

    I suffer from severe knee pain and join stiffness. With the miracle oil I am gone back to walking and doing jumping jacks.

  16. Toni Baker

    I have severe back pain. My cousin recommended and gave me a little to try and I was amazed. This oil really works. If you’re on the fence about this product, give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.

  17. Drea

    Miracle Oil works for all types of pain and great therapeutic oil.

  18. Shannie

    I am in my 30s, I have about 2-4 ear infections yearly. The medication helps but it takes days to work. I used the pain oil and within a few hours my ears started to feel better. I put some of the oil on a Q-tip and put it my ear, so far so good. Pain is gone, swelling is gone and my ear feels better. It drained my sinus too, which helped tremendously. I would recommend this product to anyone with sinus issues.

  19. JOAN-NY


  20. Dane

    Unbelievable! I am so happy walking around without the joint pains. My neighbors are surprised that I am walking around without any support. Thanks ToniAnn Organics, so many of my friends and neighbors are ordering. Love the products. Hooray! I can walk again.

  21. Deborah

    Today I was at Carolina Place Mall and my fibromyalgia was acting up and so severe. I stopped by ToniAnn when I saw the flier and I tied their sample pain oil. I rubbed it on my elbow and within minutes the pain was gone and it smells wonderful. I was able to lower my hand by my side. Had to purchase 2 bottles. I CAN’T DO WITHOUT IT.

  22. Garcia

    My Dad got a stroke a few months ago and he has been suffering from severe joint pains and arthritis in his knee. Using the pain oil gave him immediate relief from the stiffness and the pain subsided. My Dad was able to walk the entire mall without any pain or discomfort.

  23. Dr. L. Wallace IMD (Cand.)

    Greetings Everyone,
    I recently got the the 8 – Steps Skin Care Products, by the next morning I could see subtly difference already. I loved the hint of fragrance and the feel of the product itself is just DIVINE! My skin felt well moisterized, soft, and literally glowing, I could not have asked for more.
    I was experiencing pain in my right wrist, and the same same evening I also applied some of the Pain Oil to my wrist and by morning I realized that my wrist was not hurting anymore. I can truely attest that these Products delivered on what they were created to do.
    BUT, You do not have to take my words, make a purchase and have your own experience and only then you can be on of us who can TESTIFY of this fact. I urge each and everyone to give it a try, it worth your ‘weight’ in Gold!
    Great Job Dr. Brown keep up the great work, hail up Andrea keep the good work as well. Greater things instore!
    ………Dr. L. Wallace IMD (Cand.)

  24. Julienne-Chicago

    This has become my parents best buddy. I see them laughing again and holding hands again during thier evening walks. Love these products.

  25. Kelly C

    This has restored my joy to living without pain. Yes! Love it.

  26. Carrie-Texas

    I am amazed by this oil, how quickly it relieves pain. I take a Cortizone shot every 6 months and I have not taken any shots since June. Two bottles of these each month has replaced my shots. Amazing products.

  27. Dreu-SC

    I recently purchase this amazing product for my Grandma at Carolina Place Mall. It was the best purchase I have ever made to see Grandma walking around with a smile once again free if the pain.

    She walks around everyday with her Dr. Brown Pain Oil. It’s a miracle oil in a bottle.

  28. Deonne-Columbia SC

    The best purchase I ever made. It relieves my pain immediately. Thanks for the best customer service.

  29. Kevin G-SC

    Today I drove almost 3 hours from Sc to find this precious oil. My mother came as she wanted to meet the wieners of this miracle on the market. As a cancer patient, it’s the best thing for pain and it relaxes and takes away my anxiety for my mom too. God bless you ToniAnn

  30. Laurie-North Carolina

    I purchase this pain oil on your website and I can’t live without it. Today I was in Carolina Place Mall and when I saw the products I was so excited. Had to stack up on pain oil for myself, Mom and sister. Had to get that body cream and soaps, still here rubbing my skin, feels so good just using the sample.

  31. Loreen Small

    This oil works for every known pain and discomfort. It’s really a MIRACLE VANiSHING OIl.

    With this oil no one has to live with pain.

  32. Luis Vegas-Charlotte

    Excellent customer service! The best that Charlotte Christmas Village offer. This oil works on impact and really gives pain relief.

  33. Nerene-Charlotte NC

    Absolutely the best products for skin and personal care. The quality and consistency of the products cannot be compared. Dr Brown the consensus at Charlotte Christmas Village tonight is that products are going to be known soon as the best skincare products in the world.

    Super excited awaiting the opening of your retail/manufacturing store here in Charlotte.

  34. Jerry -Charlotte

    I am amazed at how effective this pain oil works for mother sciatica,arthritis and other pains.

    It’s the best Christmas gift I can give to keep the pain away. Thanks Dr.Brown for working miracles with your products.

  35. Ms Gee -Charlotte

    Thank you for the best Christmas Gift. I am enjoying my family laughter, as the pain in my right foot is no longer there. The pain was so severe that sometimes the tears just fall down my face. Thanks so much for your awesome products, and you have the best customer service too.

    I am so proud of you Dr Brown, proud to be a Jamaican.

  36. Evelyn-Ohio

    Phenomenal! I use it twice per day mixed with Dr Brown’s Pain Oil; my skin look amazing!
    I made a new discovery, the fat under my neck is almost invisible. I started to massage my armpit area and a lympathic drainage has taken place. These products are multi-purpose.

  37. Mike

    The best pain remedy I have ever used. It alleviates the pain in my knees and hip and when applied it last for about 4 hours. It helps me releiev my allergy pressures. Love all your products.

  38. Tony

    The Dr. Brown’s Arthristis Joint and Remedy Oil deserves a very serious and outstanding award. After a hectic day at work that really agitated a back pain that restricted my movements, upon application, I was able to get around unrestricted and this is the following day and hooray, I am back to being me. Thanks very much Dr. Brown.

  39. Kess-ann Baker

    Dr Brown’s arthritis and joint and remedy deserved a Grammy award. When I say this product works miracle I was coming down with the flu, it was so bad I have fever, coughing and headache and I told uncle tony and he said I should rub the oil all over my face and put few drops in the vaporizer and closed my room door, the moment I did that I fell asleep and I slept the entire day and when I wake up it seems as if I wasn’t sick and I repeated it in the night and now am feeling 95% better than yesterday I would recommend this oil to everyone because it certainly works miracle . Thank you so much Dr Brown l pray that God continue to bless and keep you so you can continue make these miracle products to help others ❤️

  40. Beverley Johnson Stevens

    Fantastic arthritis joint and remedy oil from Dr. Brown! A really Grammy Award-winning creation. In my home, we referred to it as “Redeeming Oil.” It is effective for arthritic pain, flu-related discomfort including fever, stuffy nose, coughing, and headaches, as well as for relaxation. A miracle contained in a bottle. It smells wonderful. It is constantly in my handbag when I travel. I adore this item. Yes, I would highly recommend it.

  41. La’Trice S

    Today I visited the pop up shop at the boardwalk. While customer service was amazing, every product was explained!.But it wasn’t until I took this joint home to my Aunt.
    She has been dealing with a massive stomach hernia for a few years now and the pain of it goes to her back. Also, because of how big it has gotten it sits on her legs and it hard for her to walk and get around places. BUT TODAY!!!!!! I gave her the oil and she rubbed it on her legs and her back within MINUTES she hopped up from the couch walking around, standing straight, spinning around, WHAT A WAY TO SPEND HER BIRTHDAY!!! She was so relieved, she cried because she haven’t felt this much relief in so long! All night, she walked around better than she in so long! What an AMAZING product! I’m so glad me and my brother stopped by and took a chance! We also bought many other products, but THIS is everything! Definitely will be purchasing more

  42. Alan

    Miracles! Miracles. For years I suffered with pain in my knees. I never knew I could have experienced a day without pain. Dr. Brown you gave me hope, restored my faith that products are available that works without side-effects. Thank so much Sir.

  43. Norma Nash-Dunston

    It works very well, numb the area, would recommend everyone to try it, no regrets at all

  44. Joan D.

    This product is amazing!! Best since sliced bread!! My brother-in-Law had a pinched nerve and was unable to walk or work for more than a week and this product works miracle for him after two days of use, he was able to walk. Thank God for this product. My mom had a pain in her leg and hip; after applying the product twice, the pain was gone. Unbelievable!! This product is highly recommended for all types of pain.

  45. Laney Orr

    Laney Orr

  46. Mina Fuller

    Mina Fuller

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