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  1. Tanya R

    These products are the best on the Market. I have shopped at QVC, HSN, Nordstrom, Sephora just to name a few and I have never used products with this kind of feel, quality unless they are purchased individually.
    A few weeks ago I was at Carolina Place Mall and the colors, and the design of the products attracted me. I stopped as persons were already purchasing. Observing the customer service and the delight was even more satisfactory.

    I was even more elated talking with Andrea and then learning that Dr Brown was a Black Scientist residing in Charlotte and formulating and making these products. Hooray! I am still honored to be in his presence.

    I tried the Orange Tulip Body Cream and it was the most moisturizing, replenished, rejuvenating I have ever used. However, I purchase the Vag Gel and this has not just added spice to the relationship, it had saved it. Thinning Vagina walls remedy is here, no more dryness or burning. My husband uses it too during intercourse. Larks! I love all the products.

    Kudos to Night Revive but then Vag Steam, Moisturizer, Soaps all deserve it. I LOVE THEM ALL.

  2. Brandy

    Love this. It is so fresh and clean. Takes care of itching, burning and lubricates.

  3. Garcia

    Simply the best.

  4. Kaylen

    Love this gel. Used for burning, itching, and lubricates well.

  5. Robert

    Fantastic,amazing, terrific products,
    you are just too excellent. I really like what you have acquired here, really like what
    you’re formulating and the way in which it makes the body feels. You
    make it enjoyable for us all
    I can’t wait to get much more from you.

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